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“The war in Syria is nearly at its 10th anniversary. It remains one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises. This terrible conflict continues to ravage many areas of Syria, with the complexity and scale of humanitarian needs continuing to be both extensive and severe.

Since the onset of the crisis, the conflict has led to more than half a million deaths and displaced an estimated 13 million— more than half of Syria’s pre-war population. Constant conflict has led to a sustained erosion of livelihoods and communities, and the world’s biggest displacement crisis since the Second World War.” (Syria Relief)

“After a decade of unfathomable violence and human tragedy that has made Syria the defining war of the early 21st century, the fighting has tapered off but the suffering hasn’t. In 2011, Bashar al-Assad and his government briefly looked like another domino about to fall in the whirlwind of pro-democracy revolts sweeping the Middle East. Ten years later, Assad is still there, a pyrrhic victor offering no credible prospects of reconciliation for the Syrian people and exercising limited sovereignty over a land left prey to foreign powers.” (France24)

“Amman, 9 March – After ten years of war, the vast majority of Syria’s children cannot imagine a future in their country, according to a new report by Save the Children. On average, 86% of Syrian refugee children surveyed in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and the Netherlands said they would not want to return to their country of origin. Of children displaced inside Syria, one in three would rather be living in another country. Children who fled their homes are struggling to feel safe where they are now, as around two in five children of those surveyed by Save the Children said they face discrimination and a lack of education. Many feel they have no say over their future. Next week marks ten years since nationwide protests descended into a deadly conflict that has killed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions of children and their families, and decimated Syria’s economy and infrastructure. Every aspect of children’s lives has been torn apart, leaving them uprooted and without a real sense of home, according to a Save the Children report that was published today.”