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A Special Visit! (2019)

We are pleased to announce that Gulwali Passarlay came to visit our schools and pupils at an open evening over 500 guests turned up to hear his talk on how he fled Afganastan on his own at the age of twelve, and what he found when he finally arrived in England. Unfortunately on his arrival like many before him, he became lost in our system. We believe this to have been a tremendous step forward in sharing and counteracting the negativity that surrounds the refugee story.

The enquisitive minds of the younger generation were quick to ask Gulwali an immense amount of questions. The younger audience asked questions such like; “What was the food like, when you were trying to escape?” And “Was it like living in a chicken coop?” Whereas the older children asked; “Did you find your brother?” “Have you been back to Afghanastan?” “Have you seen your mother since you left” “Were people in this country kind to you?” These questions emulate the real questions we should be asking

We would like to point out the regretfuul information that has came to light. The arrival of Gulwali was met on the same day as the truck with 39 deceased Vietnamies people were discovered in Essex. Unfourtunatley like many before them they met peril while attempting to seek a better life in England. With this in mind we would like to express our deepest thoughts and condolences and refer to similarities within the experience that Gulwali also had; as he almost met his peril as a teenager escaping to England.

Whilst every refugee and asylum seeker have their own unique story of their escape, we must look towards the similarities to see how we can make a difference. Many men, women and chidren endanger their lives to seek shelter and safety and, on the way, they can be met with horrors that we cannot imagine. In solidarity we must look towards a better future.


An Incredible Journey!