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HDoS: Updates In The Face Of CoronaVirus – April 2020

Our Families
Although the various agencies are unable to have face to face contact with our families, they maintain communication by phone and snail mail. All families are being sent the most recent Covid 9 updates in Arabic so they are able to make informed decisions about keeping themselves safe. In addition, we are staying in contact with the families; messaging or ringing on a very regular basis. So far, all the families seem to be coping and keeping well.

The weekly Arabic class for the children, taught by ‘Zakis’, has been cancelled until further notice.

AGM: This was due to be held on the 28th March, and was postponed for obvious reasons. We are hoping that we can hold one later in the year.

Refugee Week in June has been cancelled to be replaced by a “digital” version. More on this later.

Coffee Time?
For quite some time now the ‘Women’s Group’ has been active, creating opportunities for local refugees to get together, build community, and offering a renewed sense of purpose for those finding their feet in a new country & culture: By using their talents in activities such as the sewing project, they are in turn, supporting other women around the world.

The ‘Cafe Socials’ have been an important fixture – a chance to meet, chat & share experience, get out & about, and the simple pleasure of that global shared ritual – a good cup of coffee (with a little something sweet…:)

With the effects of CoronaVirus putting a hold on meet-ups for the foreseeable future, the group did not want to lose touch. Well, with technology to the rescue (never thought I’d be praising that) and the What’s App Virtual Women’s Group is now in action.

Virtual cups of coffee, UK versus Syrian style, are now being shared live and online. Along with photos, stories and some hilarious spelling on all sides.

The women’s group is supported and funded by Harrogate District of Sanctuary in conjunction with the Refugee Council. A big thank you to all those involved, and to the ladies themselves. Let us all feel welcomed in this country, whoever we are.

Coming updates:
English lessons – what’s app style.
The Easter bunny in action.
Refugee Week in digital.